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Recently I had the opportunity to guest edit the July issue of the Green Money Journal. I wanted to bring in some fresh perspectives to the publication's devoted readers, so I focused the issue on millennials and their approaches to investing.

All of the articles are authored by millennials who I have the pleasure of collaborating with to help create a better investment industry—one that considers the social and environmental consequences of our investment actions, and seeks to turn that understanding into having positive affect on the world.

The issue opens with Liesel Pritzker-Simmons's "An Open Letter to the Financial Services Industry, From a Concerned Millennial," where she explores her personal investment journey and offers suggestions for financial advisors. Morgan Simon of Pi Investments and Transform Finance encourages us to bring those that matter most into the impact investment conversation to achieve greater community accountability. Brian Weinberg describes organizing of millennial leaders around the world through Nexus, and the latest data supporting their influence. Closing out the issue, Julius Tapper of TD Bank Group describes how identity has helped shape his career and is important for the financial services industry to better understand.

I also contribute an article discussing some of the ways I see millennials already changing the investment conversation.

I'll hope you make some time to read the thoughts and challenges of these millennial leaders who are looking to change the way we invest.

--Justin Conway


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  1. Excellent job Justin! Looking forward to seeing your work in Green Money. It's gratifying to see more people talking about actually involving millennials in the investment conversation, rather than seeing them as background noise. How do you see the role of crowdfunding in empowering social impact investing? I'm interested to know how millennial leaders view this new platform and what expectations they have for its application.

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