Our Impact

Connecting communities and capital


Customers of portfolio partner Homewise outside their new home. Photo courtesy of Homewise.

Since 1995, more than 13,500 investors have invested $800 million in our portfolio of nonprofits and social enterprises worldwide. We've enabled everyday individuals to invest in this change through our flagship Community Investment Note, which supports organizations creating positive social change.

Empowering anyone to invest responsibly

Impact investments used to be available only to institutions and wealthy individuals. Everyday individuals could donate to support their causes, but you couldn't take a financial stake in the growth and development of those causes. We help you invest for positive change by offering investments that support your values. Read impact investing success stories in your community.

Innovative investments and portfolios

Building on that track record, we're creating opportunities for you to target your investments to the causes you care about most. Through Community Investment Notes, our investors are promoting environmental stewardship, empowering women, building healthy communities, and supporting local organizations. 

Through our newly formed Strategic Initiatives team, we're continuing to develop targeted investment opportunities in a variety of focus areas. Learn more about how Calvert Foundation is innovating for impact.


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