win-win-thumbnailThe Women Investing in Women Initiative (WIN-WIN) enables you to invest in women through healthcare, microfinance, and education.

WIN-WIN launched in March 2012 and has surpassed $20 million invested in December 2013. Building on the lessons learned from the pilot WIN-WIN, we made a commitment in September 2014 to invest an additional $20 million through WIN-WIN in organizations that develop and market clean technologies and energy solutions, a sector that can create an outsized impact on the health of women in the developing world. 

The Paradigm Project, a current WIN-WIN portfolio partner, is one of the organizations leading the way in developing and distributing clean cookstoves, a technology that prevents harmful smole inhalation and consumes wood more efficiently.

As the first women-focused impact investment available to everyday investors, WIN-WIN represents a milestone in impact investing. 

WIN-WIN would not have happened without the vision and support of The Citi Foundation, The Women in the World Foundation, Criterion Ventures, The Cordes Foundation, and Eileen Fisher.

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Featured WIN-WIN Story

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    The Paradigm Project is a social venture company working to create sustainable social, economic, and environmental value within developing world communities by providing products, services, and opportunities that reduce poverty and improve quality of life. To do this, Paradigm collaborates with local businesses, entrepreneurs, and global non-profits to build and manage scalable energy-related businesses that meet immediate development needs. Projects are designed to create immediate impact in communities and to generate the highest quality carbon offsets, which are then sold in the carbon markets. The resulting revenues are used to fuel project growth, repay investors, and build long-term value for NGO partners and participating communities. Paradigm's mission is to develop world-class, impact ventures that generate meaningful value for at least 5 million families (25 million people) in the developing world by 2020, and 20 million families (over 100 million people) by 2030.


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