Measuring impact

Measuring the social performance of our portfolio is an important way for us, and our community of more than 6,500 investors, to understand the change we collectively create. Through our investors, we're currently lending roughly $185 million to 200 nonprofits and social enterprises around the world. We measure their social performance through specific indicators and by collecting impact investing success stories from their work. 

Reporting Methodology

On an annual basis, we collect social and environmental performance data from each of our portfolio partners using a custom Social Performance Measurement Report template that incorporates industry-aligned metrics and best practices.

Then we blend aggregated metrics for each sector with impact investing success stories from our portfolio partners to produce Calvert Foundation's pdfSocial Impact Report .

Our template includes indicators from leading impact investing funders and thought leaders such as:

Using this range of indicators allows us to collect well-defined performance metrics for the organizations we invest in while limiting the additional reporting burden for our investees.

We then aggregate and analyze the social performance data to determine the impact area (e.g. affordable housing, creating jobs) and estimated outputs (e.g. number of housing units) attributed to Calvert Foundation's investment in each organization.

Over the past two years, we've been working to update and improve how we collect and use social impact data from our portfolio partners. Our long-term goal is to better and more accurately communicate the true impact our investors and donors are creating in communities.

One step in this process was reclassifying our portfolio into the six sectors featured in the 2012 Social Impact Report. Another was choosing more specific data points, consistent with the IRIS framework developed by the Global Impact Investing Network, to provide a common reporting language for impact-related terms and metrics.


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