Thomas Safran & Associates


For over 38 years, Thomas Safran & Associates has served as a Los Angeles-based apartment development and management firm specializing in affordable rental housing programs in Southern California. TSA is committed to enhancing the lives of the residents living in their properies through a variety of programs and services available to our residents. These educational, recreational, social, and/or vocational programs are offered on-site and are free of charge to all residents. Programming varies from property to property and is based on resident interest, but many programs are targeted towards children, teens, and seniors.

In addition to managing these affordable housing communities, TSA has also emerged as a leader in the development of new affordable housing. TSA strives to provide premier housing for seniors and families. Many of TSA's projects have focused on incorporating mixed uses into a single development, creating high-quality amenities such as basketball courts, playgrounds, libraries, childcare centers, etc. While building and managing profitable housing for our investors, our highest goal is to enhance the world in which we live and to enrich the lives of the people who reside in our buildings.

Success Story

In 2012, Calvert Foundation provided financing for TSA to acquire the Eucalyptus Park Apartments development in Inglewood, CA. Due to market pressures, Eucalyptus Park was at risk of being converted to market rate housing; with Calvert Foundation's investment, TSA could preserve the development as affordable homes for low-income seniors.

Today, Eucalyptus Park is a 93-unit community serving seniors 62 and over. Each unit is a one-bedroom apartment, and residents also enjoy access to a spacious community room with a kitchen, computer lab, large-screen television, and library. The community features on-site management and maintenance support, and the staff also puts on many resident activities, including Bingo games, computer and exercise classes, and birthday celebrations. Eucalyptus Park is conveniently located near public transportation, markets, and a community senior center.

Their Impact

TSA currently owns and manages over 4,000 units of affordable housing and has developed over 3,500 units. TSA continuously strives to provide premier housing for seniors and families.



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