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Financial advisors are increasingly using impact investments to attract new clients and deepen existing relationships.

Through Calvert Foundation’s Community Investment Note (Note), a fixed income product, advisors and investors can invest to support nonprofits, microfinance institutions, social enterprises, and funds that benefit underserved communities in the U.S. and around the world.

How it Works


Community Investment Note Features

Investment type Fixed income
Minimum investment $1,000 directly or through brokerage accounts; $20 online at
Targeting options Investors can target a Note to a number of impact areas. See current targeting options.
Financial return 0–3% at terms of 1–10 years
Social return Measured annually by sector-specific indicators, and reported to investors through Calvert Foundation’s Social Impact Report and quarterly updates.
Performance Since the inception of the Note in 1995, 100% repayment to investors of all principal and interest. More than 13,500 investors have invested $1 billion in the Note.
Convenience Invest through brokerage accounts, directly through Calvert Foundation, or online at
Liquidity Notes should be viewed as an investment to be held to maturity, but Calvert Foundation may allow early redemption and partial withdrawals
Expenses None; Investor dollars are not used to pay sales commissions, existing debt, or any other Calvert Foundation expenses
Risk Mitigation A diversified portfolio of organizations and projects that meet Calvert Foundation’s rigorous credit quality and social performance standards. Investors also benefit from more than $30 million in net assets, loss reserves, and credit enhancements to protect them from potential portfolio losses.


How to invest through brokerage accounts

Investing is an easy two-step process: 1. Purchase a Note by calling your brokerage firm’s fixed income desk with the appropriate CUSIP, and 2. Register the Note to get customized social impact reporting. Visit the Brokerage Account Investing to get started.

Once you or your client has registered a Note, you can sign up to be listed in our Advisor Directory.

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