Calvert Foundation is honored to work with some of the leading organizations in impact investing. Together, we're growing the industry by creating communities of investors and organizations, establishing best practices, and creating a culture of knowledge sharing.

Global Impact Investment Network

logo-giinThe Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is a global impact investing advocacy organization dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing. GIIN addresses barriers to growth in impact investing by building critical infrastructure and developing activities, education, and research that attract more investment capital to poverty alleviation and environmental solutions. Calvert Foundation is a member of the GIIN Investors' Council. More about GIIN

Social Investment Forum

logo-ussifUS SIF is the U.S. membership association for professionals, firms, institutions, and organizations engaged in sustainable and responsible investing. US SIF and its members advance investment practices that consider environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive societal impact. Visit the US SIF website

Smart Campaign

logo-smart-campaignThe Smart Campaign is a global movement to embed client protection practices into the institutional culture and operations of the microfinance industry. Calvert Foundation was one of the first signatories to the campaign, and currently 95 percent of the MFIs in our portfolio are signed on to the Smart Campaign. Learn more about the Smart Campaign


AERIS RatedCARS™ is an independent ratings service that was incorporated in January 2012. Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) launched CARS™ in 2004 as a central component of its strategy to lead the opportunity finance industry to scale. OFN believed that greater transparency, standardization of information and industry-wide performance standards were central to increasing the flow of capital to CDFIs. More about CARS

Green America

logo-green-americaThe mission of Green America is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. More about Green America


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